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At Fresh Print Labs, we use 3 mil calendared outdoor vinyl, rated for 5 years. (With the exception of gold and silver metallic, which are only rated for 3 years.) We use a low tack transfer adhesive to give the user a easy application process.


Clean the area completely before attempting to apply your decal. Remove the paper backing and carefully apply the decal to your desired area. For best results, use a ruler and masking tape to create an outline to help your align your decal. Once the decal is placed in the desired location, press down using a squeegee or other firm object, starting the middle to remove all air bubbles. Once all air has been removed, carefully peel the plastic transfer adhesive towards the decal at a 45 degree angle.

Image of Subie States of America
Subie States of America
Image of FOZSQUAD - Forester Outlines
FOZSQUAD - Forester Outlines
Image of RVA Subies
RVA Subies
Image of Social Media Tag (2 Pack)
Social Media Tag (2 Pack)
Image of Food Courier Vehicle
Food Courier Vehicle
Image of FOZSQUAD Limited Stock Decals
Sold out
FOZSQUAD Limited Stock Decals
Image of 8" Fozsquad Logo Decal
8" Fozsquad Logo Decal
Image of FOZSQUAD - 20" Oversized Decal/Banner
FOZSQUAD - 20" Oversized Decal/Banner
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